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食べ方の違い Different Ways Of Eating

同じ食べ物でも、鳥によって食べ方が違います。当然のことなんですが、目撃してウヒャッと思いました。Birds eat same food differently depending on the kind of bird. It’s a silly statement to say it, but I was shocked when I observed it.

こちらはオオアオサギがモグラを飲み込むところです。連写をビデオにしました。(注:ちょっとショックかも)This is a Great Blue Heron swallowing a gopher. I made a video from rapid repeat still shots.

その後、お腹の中で食べやすくなった餌を巣の上に戻し、子供たちはそれを食べるようです。 After the food becomes somewhat softened in her stomach, she spits it out onto the nest. Her chicks will eat it from there.

一方、こちらはアカオノスリです。ご主人が持ってきてくれたモグラを引きちぎって食べていました。子供が生まれたら、小さくちぎった餌を口から口へと与えます。 On the other hand, Red-tailed Hawks eat differently. The female ate a gopher which her husband brought back to her by biting chunks off using her beak. When her chicks are born, she will feed the smaller pieces to her chicks, beak to beak.

こちらがビデオです。1.5 倍速してあります。This is a video. I made it 1.5 times faster than the original speed.

ところで、アカオノスリがもうすぐ産まれると言っていました。 By the way, Red-tailed hawk said that babies are coming real soon.

Hawaii trip 2: what do you want to eat?

Because we’d stayed at a condo, cooked about a half of meals during the stay. This is another big saving.  But it’s more than that, a great way of spending time together with someone. Of course, it depends on the people you are with, how much they want to cooperate with you.

KTA Super store: I like this KTA at right outside of Kona Coast Resort, down south from Kona central area. It’s nice to prepare easy recipes ahead of time for a few meals.
We didn’t cook much but mainly for breakfast and lunch simple ordinary meals.

Dinner… we simply went to restaurants on Alii streat, they are all non local type restaurants.  I have one regret, we didn’t eat at Poke shack only a few minutes away by walking from our condo. We get many good feedback about it from variety of people. And worst of all, we actually went there but came out without getting anything… I hesitated because of the smell…

So… we didn’t eat any local Hawaiian food on this trip. Noooo~!!!

Shaved ice… with gummy bears… must…
Oh, that’s it. We made a reservation for Luau, but cancelled for zipline. Because of the tropical storm, we needed to change the schedule. We couldn’t have time left for Luau then… 😦
え、またまた~。うそでしょ。灯台元暮らしで、徒歩2分の所に Poke Shack という小さな売店風のテイクアウト風のレストランがあって、そこがまたすごく美味しくて有名だって、聞いていたジャン。わざわざお店まで行ったんじゃなかったっけ?にもかかわらず食べなかった人は誰?それってどういうことよ?

まあ、いっか。KTA Super store:で新しい食べ物にであったし。何かって?Muddy Buddy。食べ始めたら止まらなくなってしまったよ。

Highlights from Japan trip – food

The purpose of the trip was to attend my dad’s 88 year old celebration party.
Because I went there with my son and his friend, both 22 years old, it became a quite unique trip.  Today’s highlight is food.
We didn’t go for gourmet, but rather very reasonable simple dishes.  (two boys and gourmet won’t go together, at least my wallet. ) but they are all so delich!

Ramen noodle and Pikachu Ochazuke ラーメンとピカチュー茶漬け

Various Soba course dishes and Soba noodle 蕎麦で作った懐石とざる蕎麦
Blue crab and pasta, and Firefly squid pasta, challenges for boys for the first time.
Only the course menu in Japanese style, and sweets, of course.
20130404-IMG_8494But most of all, they liked Sushi at a revolving sushi bar.
Pick up dishes from the running dishes or order items from screen, the dishes will come to you on a bullet train.
And this is the result.



もう~ バカウマ!
ぼくぁ~幸せだな~ (古すぎ。。。でも、いいの。それほど美味しい!)