About aomi3

I wish I could live up to 300 years old…  There are so many interesting things around me that I am running out of time!!!

Hello~  My name is Mieko Aono aka Aomi3 (took two letters from my last and first name.  The number “3” is pronounced as “san” in Japanese, and it is exactly the same pronounciation with an honorific suffix “san” to a name.)  Born and raised in Japan up to finishing a college, my curiosity brought me here, sunny California.  From sometime in the past, I am heavily into photography and it has been sitting in my soul since then.   It’s a great joy and healing effects especially when I discover something that I couldn’t see before.  The act of taking picture makes me forever humble.

Aomi Photography official site is at:  http://www.aomi3.com

Random images are at Flickr:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/miekoaono/


Although I’ve lived in this country so many years, my English still limits ability to express my thoughts and feelings unfortunately.  So the blog post will be mostly in Japanese.  If you are curious about the contents, please use any translation tools on the web although pictures tell us more than words often.



Aomi Photography オフィシャルサイト:  http://www.aomi3.com

Flickr のページ:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/miekoaono/

aomi はAono Miekoの省略。そして3 は日本語の「さん」。あえて英語で書かなくてもそこそこ使える自動翻訳ツールがあるので、もう下手な英語はあまり書きません。微妙な表現はやはり日本語でしかできないなと、このブログを書くたびに思い知らされます。



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