Daily Archives: July 28, 2021

ボビーが来た! Bobby Came to Visit Again!

ダンスのレッスンで外出していました。7時ごろ帰宅すると、バンちゃんが興奮していました。ボブキャットのボビーとお母さんが午後6時20分ごろ裏庭に来ていたからです。彼が発見した時、ボビーは飛び回って遊んでいたそうです。I was out for my dance lesson. When I came back home around 7:00pm, Banchan was so excited and showed me his video. Bobby the bobcat cub and his mom were there in our backyard around 6:20pm. Bobby was so joyfully, playing around there when Banchan found them there.

あまりのショックにバンちゃんの方が凍りついていたようですが、ようやくiPadが近くにある事に気がついて、立ち去る前のひと時をビデオに収めたとのことです。Banchan told me that he was so dumbfounded because it was such an unexpected sight, that he couldn’t move. He finally realized that his iPad was near-by, so he took some video before they left.

前日早朝4時ごろ、セキュリティーカメラにも2匹の姿が映っていました。 夜明けごろは結構出没しているらしいですが、日が沈む前のご訪問は珍しい。In the meantime, our security camera also captured their figures around 4:00am. It seems that they are active before dawn, but it’s rare for them to visit our backyard before sunset.

早速、セキュリティーカメラとバンちゃんの映像をもらって編集してみました。ボビーとお母さんの愛情あふれる生活を垣間見たようで、ちょっとウルっとしてしまいました。I immediately got five videos from Banchan as well as the security camera, edited them, and made a short video. I was deeply moved by my own video because I could see their lives full of love through the video.