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冒険好きなボビィ Adventurous Bobby

昨日は早朝から刺激的でしたが、それも午後には治ったので出かけていました。ところがセキュリティーカメラがやたらと騒がしい。 It was such an exciting day from early morning. In the later afternoon, we could finally relax, and so we went out. But our backyard security camera sent us so many notices to my cell phone.

ボブキャットが映っていたんです。どうやら、子供のボビィが木から降りた後、お母さんと再会しなかった様です。お母さんが行ったり来たり、裏庭中を探し回っている様子がよくわかります。To our surprise, a bobcat was on the video. It must be Bobby’s mom. From the way she acted, it was clear Bobby didn’t find her after he came down from the tree. And she couldn’t find Bobby either. We can see how mom was worrying about Bobby and looked for him everywhere in the backyard.

そんな〜! No way!

まだ3−4ヶ月のボビィ。それにこの暑さ。レスキュー部隊のお兄さんが、お母さんに会えなかったら生き残れる可能性はないと言われました。 He is still only 3-4 months old. The weather is so hot that it could be difficult to live through. The rescue ranger said that there is only a very slim chance for him to survive if he couldn’t rejoin his mom.

でも、最後のビデオを見て安堵しました。お母さんと一緒に歩いているところが写っていたからです。ボビィは好奇心旺盛でいろいろな所に行ってしまうようですね。どうぞご覧ください。But we were relieved when we saw the last video. He was walking along with his mother. It seems that Bobby’s curiosity takes him everywhere without telling his mom. Please view the video.

見どころ Attractions:

  1. お母さんは喉が渇いていたらしく、延々と1分40秒も水を飲み続けた。Bobby’s mom was so thirsty that she kept drinking water for 1 minute 40 seconds.
  2. お母さんが水を飲む前と後の水鉢の水の量。 The amount of water in the bowl, before and after.
  3. ボビィの泣き声。Bobby’s sound.