Daily Archives: July 19, 2021

モンスーン Monsoon

モンスーンの季節がやって来たらしい。 I was told that the monsoon season has started. This is our first experience since we moved to this area.

大雨注意報、鉄砲水警報などが時々携帯に入ってきます。とは言え、今のところ激しい雨が一度降っただけで、ほとんどポツリポツリ程度です。No wonder we had “Flash-flood warning” or “Heavy rain warning” sent to our cell phones often. However, we have had only one heavy rain and a few scattered showers so far.

ともあれ、私たちは自然が見せてくれる色々な顔をただただ楽しんでる。今日の夕暮れの空。入道雲が遠くに見えて裏庭から見える空が豪快になった。In any case, we simply enjoy the different faces of mother nature. I can see a thunderstorm far away on the horizon. She showed us such a grand sky today.