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Yellow Knolls Trail

Yellow Knolls Trailナバホ砂岩層の領域です。約 8 km のハイキングは、カメの甲羅のような岩壁をたくさん見せてくれました。 – Yellow Knolls Trail is in a Navajo Sandstone formation area.  The trail is about 5 miles long roundtrip. Along the way it reveals many turtle shell like rocks.
もちろん、トカゲもたくさんいましたが、中でもヒョウ柄のトカゲ、Long-nosed Leopard Lizard に出会えたことは、特記事項です。今までこの近辺をハイキングして来ましたが、今回初めて出会えたからです。しかも、3匹も! – On our hike, we saw many lizards. An especially notable one was the Long-nosed Leopard Lizard. It was notable to us because although we have hiked in many other areas around here, we have never seen this type of lizard until now. Further, we saw not only one, but three!