Daily Archives: May 23, 2020

アカオノスリのランチ – Red-tailed Hawk’s Lunch

突然現れたアカオノスリ。でも、もう何枚も撮ってるから今回はパス・・・と、思っていたら何か持ってる。 – A Red-tailed Hawk appeared suddenly.  I thought I could ignore it this time because I have taken many pictures of them.  But then, I noticed that it was carrying something with his feet.

やったねー!ガラガラヘビみたい。アカオノスリのランチ。質は必ずしも良くないですが、獲物を持って飛んでるアカオノスリは初ショットです。 – OMG, it’s arattlesnake!  It must have been his lunch.  Although the quality of the shots aren’t good, I am quite happy as it’s my first time capturing a Red-tailed Hawk with his prey.