Toe Trail

雲が流れている日に Toe というトレイル を歩いた。  – We hiked the Toe trail in a day that clouds were moving in the sky.

Ivinsという隣町からTuacahnという野外劇場への道に抜ける Toe という短いトレイル。バンちゃんの背中の手術後の経過を待ちながら少しづつ体力作りができたらいいと願う。  – The trail is a short trail that starts from Ivins and leads to the road to get to the Tuacahn Theatre.  After Banchan’s back surgery,  we are patiently waiting for the recovery.  The recovery is slow but his physical strength is better day by day.

このトレイルで陸ガメがよく見られるというウワサを聞いて、今回で2回目。でも、シンとしてカメどころか鳥もあまり見かけなかった。冬眠に入る前に見たかったけど、もう時間切れでしょうか。  – It’s been said that tortoises have seen on this trail.  So it was the second attempt for us, but unfortuanatly we had no luck seeing any tortoises.  Actually there weren’t very many animals at all. It was simply very quiet.   I am afraid we will run out of time before the tortoises go down deep in the ground for hybernation this year.  

雲の隙間から流れ出る太陽の光、それを受けた稜線は輝き、空高く導かれていた。 – Beams of sunshine breaking through the clouds shined down on the ridge.  It was as if those beams of sunshine were coaxing the ridge higher and higher into the sky.

久しぶりのランドスケープ写真と散歩、のどかに過ぎました。It was simply peaceful.  We casually walked and stopped from time to time to take landscape pictures.  The time passed by very quietly.

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