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スイスの日 – Swiss Day

先週末、隣町サンタクララでスイスの日のパレードがありました。  – There was a Swiss day parade in Santa Clara, the town next to Saint George.

私のヘアスタイリストのブリトニーがキャンディーを配るからぜひ来てとのことで、行って来ました。  – My hairstylist Britney insisted I should be there because she would be tossing out candies from her float to spectators.  So we went.

ローカルのパレードはいいですね。まだ引っ越して来てから日が浅い私たちにも、数人の顔を確認することができました。みんなのんびりしていて、楽しそう。  – I felt comfortable and could easily relate to the parade and people. That’s because I could recognize a few people’s faces, even though it has been only 5 months since we’ve moved in to this area, and everyone was very relaxed.  I think that’s why I like local parades.

祇園祭はチマキをばらまきますが、ここではキャンディーや水、果物など、ありとあらゆるものがばらまかれます。だから沿道の子供達は忙しい。  – The famous Gion festival in Japan tossed out “Chimaki (a rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves)” to  the spectators.  On this parade, all sorts of things were tossed out. Mainly candies, but also bottles of water, apples, etc.  All the kids were so busy catching or picking them up.

ローカルとはいえ、催し物が盛りだくさんです。19年前にスイス人の末日聖徒イエス・キリスト教会はのメンバーによってスタートされたそうです。だからスイスの日なんですね。  – Even though it is only a local event, there were so many exhibits, entertainments, and events.  The annual event began 19 years ago by Swiss members of LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).  I see, that’s why it’s called “Swiss Day.”