Daily Archives: October 20, 2019

旅先の出会い – Encounter while Traveling

一人旅はあまり好きではないけれど、意外な発見や出会いはそんな時にある。 – I don’t like traveling alone, but I often find unexpected things and meet interesting people when I do.

ベッド&ブレックファーストに一人で泊まったのは初めて。でも、暖かいおもてなしと宿泊のお客様達との和やかな会話のひととき。予想を超えて心に残る旅となりました。- It was my first time staying at a Bed & Breakfast alone.  The hospitality of the staff at the B&B was beyond my expectation, and sharing stories with guests was quite comforting. Despite my low expectation, the trip by myself to Denver became one of my favorite trips to retain in my memory.