Daily Archives: October 21, 2019

稜線の向こう - The other side of the ridge

一人でMV Rock の丘に登って見た。 – I hiked to MV Rock alone.

元気がありすぎて走ったりしたせいか30分ほどでベンチに到着。赤線が今日歩いた道。 – I might have had too much energy today.  I ran for part of the hike and got to the bench in a half hour.  The red highlighted line was today’s trail.

今日の目的はこれ。ベンチのある所に立っている自分を家から写真を撮ってもらう事。- The purpose of the hike was to have my picture taken at the bench from home.その後Scout Cave まで行って見た。 – I continued along the ridge to Scout Cave after that.

気持ちがいい。Scout Cave  へ向かう下り坂の前で。 – It felt so good!  This is another shot taken from home right before going down to Scout Cave.

私たちの住む家がある側は・・・東京と比べはいけません。でも、家や道路が見えます。 – This is the view from the ridge looking out towards our house.  You can’t compare with Tokyo, but houses and roads are there.

MV Rock のある稜線の向こう側は・・・自然のままのオープンスペース。 – The other side of the ridge is all open space, untouched nature.

自然がこんなに近い。この地に移り住んでよかった!感謝です。- I realized that nature is right there, so close to our house.  I am glad we moved to this beautiful location.