Hike 1: Devil’s Fire Rock Art Loop

2022年1月2日、新年初のハイキング。約 13 km、333 m の標高差。January 2nd, the first hike in the new year, 2022. About 8 miles, 1100 feet of vertical elevation change.

早朝、雨上がりで凍りついた砂丘。キラキラと光っていた。A small sand-dune was frosted and shining in the early morning right after a rain.

ペリカンみたい。Looks like a pelican.

絶壁に描かれた物から洞窟近辺に描かれた壁画。There were numerous petroglyphs on high cliffs and walls.

リトルフィンランドの奇岩と流線形 Strangely shaped rocks together with streamlines were everywhere at Little Finland.

アリゾナ州のリトルフィンランドへ向かうルートの一つです。This hike was one of trails to get to Little Finland in Arizona.

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