Daily Archives: February 25, 2022

カメラの救助 Rescuing My Camera

朝起きたらビーバーダム山脈方面に雪が積もっていました。I found the snow covered Beaver dam mountains when I woke up.

右のパネルに雪山が写ってます。The snow covered mountains are on the right side panel.

さっそく私のカメラ、キャノン EOS R5 で雪山を撮るぞ!とカメラを構えたら、なんか変。設定操作ができない!シャッターは押せてもLCDスクリーンで見ることも出来なければ他の設定が全て不能になっていました。Of course, I had to take pictures of it. So I grabbed my camera, Canon EOS R5, and tried to capture them, but felt something wrong. I couldn’t change the camera settings at all. All I could do was to push the shutter release button. That was it.

携帯ショット A cellphone shot

先週のザイオンの東での脱出不能事故から無事救助された事、本当にありがたく思ってます。私たちの命さえ無事なら、それだけでいいと思いました。でも、今私のカメラが壊れてしまった事に気づいて、かなりショックです。命さえ無事ならいいと思ったのにね。We were rescued from our four-wheel drive adventure east of Zion last week. I know the reason the camera didn’t work was because of this. I am so grateful that we came out ok and I did not ask anything more than our lives being safe. But now I found my camera is not working at all. I am so depressed from it although I still remember I did not ask for anything more at the time.

さっそく修理してもらう事にしました。無事に帰って来られるかな。キャノンさん、どうぞ私のカメラを救助してください! Of course, we shipped it to the Canon repair facility immediately. I really hope they can fix it. Please Mr. Canon, rescue my camera!