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トカゲの国の大相撲 – Sumo Wrestling in Lizard Country

日本語名はわかりません。こちらシマウマ縞のシッポの Zebra-tailed lizardです。- This is a Zebra-tailed lizard.

大抵は、こんな姿をしてますが、先日は様子が変でした。喉が大きく膨らんだり、しぼんだり、また、体の色も結構鮮やかです。- You see it like this normally, but it was very strange the other day.  The throat swelled so large and shrunk repeatedly.  Look at the color of the body.  It looks brighter.

その後まもなく2匹のトカゲの登場です。私とばんちゃんの朝ごはん中、奇妙な動きを始めました。2匹ともオスのようなので、求婚行動ではないです。- Soon after that, two of them appeared in front of us while we were eating breakfast.  It’s not mating since both of them were male.

お互い、見合ってます。- They were looking at each other.

近づいていきますが、物別れに終わったようです。どうやら片足を立てるのが先頭準備のしるしのようですが、両者ともに準備できていません。- They got closer, but nothing happened.  Apparently they both need to be ready for action to begin.  One of them had one hind leg raised. It’s a sign of being ready for a fight. The other did not, and it means he wasn’t ready.

また、見合ってます。- They were looking at each other.

でも、やはり物別れに終わりました。- Oh, again, nothing had happened.

どうやら、タイミングが合ってないようです。こんなことを何度も繰り返して、延々30分以上です。- It seems they weren’t sync’d yet.  They repeated the same actions over and over for more than a half hour.

さて今回は両者とも、結構いい感じ。何がいいのかわかりませんが気合が入っているようです。- Let’s see, it looks good this time.  I am not sure what is good for them, but both looked ready to go.

ハッケヨイ、のこった、のこった*!- (Note*: Sumo wrestling words used by the referee at the beginning of fight meaning roughly “Ready, fight well, go!”)

のこった!- Go!

のこった!- Go!

どちらが勝者かわかりませんが、終了しました。(ばんちゃんによると、長いシッポの方が勝ったとのこと。)- It ended although I didn’t understand which one won.  (according to Banchan, the long tail won.)

相撲は呼吸が合うまで仕切り直しをするので、時間がかかる競技です。でも、いざ始まると一瞬で勝負がつきます。クビワトカゲの戦闘シーンはまさに相撲です。そうか、これがトカゲの国の相撲なんですね。- Sumo wrestling requires a long time to start fighting because both wrestlers repeat the get ready position until they are in sync.  Once they are sync’d, the fighting is done really quickly. Some end in a second.  The Great Basin Collard lizards’ wrestling was just like Sumo wrestling.  I see, this is how Sumo wrestling goes in the lizard country.