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Hawaii trip addendum: crochet

20130814-IMG_0683 20130814-IMG_0679

The plane ride took about 5.5 hours from San Francisco Airport to Kailua-Kona airport.
So what do you do during the ride in the plane?
Ever since I have discovered the joy of knitting/crochet, I couldn’t think of any other things to do but this. This is the result from the flights.

It’s a pot holder, about 7 inches diameter.  Crochet 2 flowers, then stitched together with a different color yarn.  It’s a perfect mini project to work in a 5 hours plane rides.  The pattern was from this book.

It’s pretty and so useful, I use it everyday for carrying a microwaved frozen dinner or any heated dishes, and then place it on my desk as a hot plate mat.  As a matter of fact, I am using now, writing this blog while eating dinner.  It adds a cheerful feeling to my desk.  (of course, I use my dining table… every once in a while when I have guests.)

*** Whew~, this is it, all about Hawaii 2013 trip.  Thank you for reading the lengthy blog entries.




*** これでハワイ旅行記おしまい。長い間よんでくださって、ありがとう!さて、次は何かな?