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Hawaii trip addendum: crochet

20130814-IMG_0683 20130814-IMG_0679

The plane ride took about 5.5 hours from San Francisco Airport to Kailua-Kona airport.
So what do you do during the ride in the plane?
Ever since I have discovered the joy of knitting/crochet, I couldn’t think of any other things to do but this. This is the result from the flights.

It’s a pot holder, about 7 inches diameter.  Crochet 2 flowers, then stitched together with a different color yarn.  It’s a perfect mini project to work in a 5 hours plane rides.  The pattern was from this book.

It’s pretty and so useful, I use it everyday for carrying a microwaved frozen dinner or any heated dishes, and then place it on my desk as a hot plate mat.  As a matter of fact, I am using now, writing this blog while eating dinner.  It adds a cheerful feeling to my desk.  (of course, I use my dining table… every once in a while when I have guests.)

*** Whew~, this is it, all about Hawaii 2013 trip.  Thank you for reading the lengthy blog entries.




*** これでハワイ旅行記おしまい。長い間よんでくださって、ありがとう!さて、次は何かな?

Hawaii trip 10: when… next?

A Tropical storm was approaching.  All kinds of warnings were reported.  It was two days before our flight back home.  We were discouraged not  go to Hiro because it would get a direct hit.  All of us started wondering and thinking;

    What a perfect timing!
    Our flight may be cancelled and we can stay here longer…!!!  
    Go storm, go…!

In any case, we went out for a drive going up north of Kona, Kohala.  It rained heavily, we couldn’t see a thing outside during the drive.  It’s strange, but everything become fun activitiy when you are on vacation.  Seeing nothing on the front shield, hearing a heavy rainfall, driving 5-10 mph through Kohala, I enjoyed it.  Of course, I didn’t drive. 😉

And this shot… I don’t know when I took this shot but it was when the heavy rain stopped. My LG  cell phone’s camera feature is not bad at all.
This is also a shot with my cell phone, LG.

On the final day at night, I decided capturing a night sky from our condo patio. 44 seconds of exposure with ISO 2000. This is the power of SLR. My LG phone can not capture this one.
ハワイ最後の夜。コンドのパティオから夜空の写真を撮ってみた。シャッター開放44秒、ISO 2000。さすがにこのショットは携帯カメラじゃ撮れない。
The tropical storm lost its power unfortunately, our 8 days vacation at Big Island was about to end. Sitting at the Kona airport, I was asking myself,
    “do I want to go back home?”
    “Dah! Of course, Noooo~”
I could stay there another week. If I did, I would probably sitting by a window at the condo and reading a book. I had started reading James Patterson’s book, The ninth judgement found on the bookshelf at the condo a day before we left there. I was still at about 20 pages into the story. I wish I could finish reading it … but run out of time.
Do I want to come back here again? Hawaii is a very special place. Yes, I do, but when?
I still want to go to so many different places where I’ve never been to. Let’s hold off to answer for the question until next year. My friend G told me,   “it like a well. Hawaii water is filled for now, but you need to go back again when it gets lower. It takes about a year to drys up the water.”
Let’s see how much I miss it in next summer.




Hawaii trip 9: How fast does it go?

Zipline… I guess it depends on how you pose yourself.  Dah~  You can not make it stop, but you can accelerate the speed by hold yourself like a cannon ball.
I tried an upside down position. You see, Morzart could play a piano while he was upside down.  Why couldn’t I take pictures while I was upside down and ziplined down, right?  Well…. it wasn’t so hard to positioning myself to be upside down although it was a bit scary at the beginning, but focusing any object while zippity moving fast was almost impossible.



This is the highlight view and the line we liked most among seven ziplines. Most of zipline services are on Hilo side of island. If I had a chance to come again, I want to explore Hilo side tropical forests.

I enjoyed the thrill of the speed and heights, but I guess once is enough for me.  Do you say I am getting old by saying that?



During Zipline, I found this plant. It’s not Pineapple and not eatable. It’s called Pu hala plant.
途中でこんな植物を見つけた。パイナップルみたいだけど違う。Pu hala plant と言うらしい。食べられない。Hiro側の熱帯植物をチェックしたかったんだけど、蚊の襲撃にあったので、さっさと退散してきてしまった。だって10分ぐらいしか居なかったのに、1分間に1箇所の割合でしっかり噛まれてたんだから。
This is the whole view of Pu hala plant. Pu hala plant の全体ショット。

Hawaii trip 8: when do I want to give it up?

Standing 13,803 ft (4,207 m) above sea level, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in Hawaii. This is one of the main reasons we have chosen to visit big island over other islands. I can say that this is the highlight of my vacation at Hawaii. Agreement with Hawaiian people, it’s allowed to set up only up to 13 observatories at the summit.  And they are one of the best in the world because of the location and some other reasons.


You are allowed to go up there only by 4WD by yourself, or join a tour riding a 4WD van. We’ve decided renting a 4WD 4Runner.
Went to Mauna Kea visitor center at 1pm, get an orientation and watched a movie about the Mauna Kea and observatory history. We’ve learned that the mountain itself is a sacred for Hawaiian, so there are many sensitive subjects to deal with for having observatories as well as visiting there. The image below shows that the true peak of Mauna Kea on the right, and observatories on the left. We are strongly discouraged to go on the path to get to the peak. It’s probably only 10 – 15 minutes away from where I took this picture, but we didn’t go there.

The path to the summit. Viewing Mauna Loa, 2nd tallest in Hawaii, behind the Mauna Kea summit. Both mountains are so massive and like a mound.  I thought it’s a tough one to take a good picture.  マウナケアの後ろに2番目に高いマウナロア山が見える。

We could go into one of observation room at Kecks observatory. Each telescope is made with 36 hexagonal shaped millers, and the room temperature is controlled to match with the outer air temperature at night.  This way, they won’t get any influence from the temperature changes.


This is one of Gemini observatory. Another one is located at on the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) campus near La Serena, Chile.
I’ve heard many important piece of information, but all I remembered was that it cost $40,000 per night operation. It was made by seven countries joint project, but because of the outrageous cost of the operation each night, allowed observation hours are scheduled based on the amount of funding.


Subaru is standing right next to Kecks made by Japan. It has a unique shape, and the telescope is based on single mirror. Until 2005, it was the largest telescope in the world with 8.2 meter mirror.日本からもスバル天文台が設置されている。2005年までは一枚鏡の8.2メートルが世界最大の望遠鏡となっていた。

It was so impressive and great and all… on the other hand, my head started hurting a lot every step I made. The original plan was to stay up there until senset so that we could capture a one of the kind sunset picture. I wanted to stay up there as long as I could… and did, but we still had two more hours until sunset. So we cried and gave up, and went down to Visitor center. High altitude sickness can not be cured until you go down to certain elevation. You just have to give it up. 😦
With mighty last power, we hiked to nearby hill for the sunset. A super large shadow of the hill was on the haze colored like grenadine.



We stayed there till after dark. Many astronomy fans brought large telescopes, and showed us stars. But again, my headache was still there. It was my limit. So we left and head back home. I remembered that I was told by my doctor; don’t wait so long without a treatment when I get an headache.  I know, I know… I should had given it up much sooner, but I just couldn’t give it up because it’s the place I wanted to be….!  Even with extreme headache, it was fantastic. I could see billions of jewel starts I’ve never seen before on the sky then.

By the way, baby Mauna Kea silverswords were just planted there at visitor center. It’s only 2-3 inches tall, but it will grow as tall as my hight. I don’t know how long it will take for that, but I wished to come back there again to see the growth of silversword someday in the future.


Hawaii trip 7: what could I have done with light?

We went to Hawaii volcano National Park to see Kilauea volcano.
You can see white smoke coming out from the crater during the day, but you can see a red reflection on the smoke at night.
It’s getting quite cold, but I tried several shots from different angles. The challenge was that the volcano reflection was too bright compare to the rest of darkness. I wish we could be there a little earlier when it’s not so dark yet. I could manage the light better then. Instead, we enjoyed the dinner at Volcano house too much.
In anycase, this is the best shot from the night including Milky-way.
We walked Kilauea iki trail during the day. I enjoyed it a lot walking down to the crater going through a tropical forest. I like all my flower/plants shots from there. Please visit my flickr site for them. Hawaii trip 2013
Here are a few from the site. Aren’t they lovely?
火口周辺にはハイキングコースがいくつかある。熱帯雨林の中のシダ類はきれいだった。どれもこれも満足のいくいい写真が撮れたと思っている。よかったらflickrの写真集を見てください。Hawaii trip 2013
Uluhe, Dicranopteris linearis コシダ
Japanese anemone アネモネ
more Japanese anemone アネモネ
and more Japanese anemone アネモネ
A family of Kalij Pheasant was there on the trail. ミヤマハッカンの家族。

Hawaii trip 6: how deep do I want to see?

Thanks to my friend K for the suggestion of snorkeling with Manta Ray.  It was indeed, one of the kind, became an unforgettable experience.
Meet at a dock around 6 pm, we set out to south from Kona.
The sun is setting, we are almost ready for the night snorkeling.
Wearing a wet suite, putting snorkeling gears, holding the under water camera, and here I go down into a dark rough water.
It sounds so brave but it’s not that bad. It’s because there are floating things to hold on to. All I need is to keep my legs and feet up to the surface level. And wait for Manta Ray to come for their dinner.   What they want to eat?  Of course, it’s not us, but a lot of plankton. To attract plankton, they beamed lights into the water, then Manta ray came for it.
This is my best shot.
It’s huge, about 12 feet. It came suddenly and the mouth was a huge hollow open space, I was afraid of it coming at me.
This is the result of his summersalt, upside down.
You can see the gills more on this picture.  They swam so close to me that my camera couldn’t focus well.  Or, at least, I thought they were so close to me.  I simply couldn’t figure out the depth of it.

On the way back to the dock, I’ve got so sick. I vomited into a cup but it wasn’t enough. So I dumped my puke out to the side of the boat several times. I was worrying about that my puke did splashed people behind me…  On the other hand, almost all of the passengers did like me one way or the other. So I decided not to say anything about it. Besides, I was so sick and didn’t have a strength to do anything.
To end this post, let me include a shot done by the cruise company from the night.

Hawaii trip 4: what can you do with Turtle?

It’s been 15 years since I went in water last time with snorkel.
I wanted to take tropical fish pictures. So I did.
Like this…
and like this…
but something passed by at the corner of my goggle. で、突然目の横をかすめた物があった。。。
Is this possiblly… もしかして。。。
Is this it? かの有名な。。。
Turtle…? カメですね?
To capture this shot, I’ve tried more than 30 shots. I’ve confirmed that Turtle can swim fast in the water.
On the other hand, my camera couldn’t process fast enough to take the right moment of it… 😦


Hawaii trip 2: what do you want to eat?

Because we’d stayed at a condo, cooked about a half of meals during the stay. This is another big saving.  But it’s more than that, a great way of spending time together with someone. Of course, it depends on the people you are with, how much they want to cooperate with you.

KTA Super store: I like this KTA at right outside of Kona Coast Resort, down south from Kona central area. It’s nice to prepare easy recipes ahead of time for a few meals.
We didn’t cook much but mainly for breakfast and lunch simple ordinary meals.

Dinner… we simply went to restaurants on Alii streat, they are all non local type restaurants.  I have one regret, we didn’t eat at Poke shack only a few minutes away by walking from our condo. We get many good feedback about it from variety of people. And worst of all, we actually went there but came out without getting anything… I hesitated because of the smell…

So… we didn’t eat any local Hawaiian food on this trip. Noooo~!!!

Shaved ice… with gummy bears… must…
Oh, that’s it. We made a reservation for Luau, but cancelled for zipline. Because of the tropical storm, we needed to change the schedule. We couldn’t have time left for Luau then… 😦
え、またまた~。うそでしょ。灯台元暮らしで、徒歩2分の所に Poke Shack という小さな売店風のテイクアウト風のレストランがあって、そこがまたすごく美味しくて有名だって、聞いていたジャン。わざわざお店まで行ったんじゃなかったっけ?にもかかわらず食べなかった人は誰?それってどういうことよ?

まあ、いっか。KTA Super store:で新しい食べ物にであったし。何かって?Muddy Buddy。食べ始めたら止まらなくなってしまったよ。

Hawaii trip 1: where do you want to stay?

A hotel or A condo rental?

To save the cost of the trip, we have stayed at a condominium instead of Hotel.
But now, I can say I prefer a condo rather than a hotel regardless of the cost.

私たちが泊まったBanyan Tree コンドは最高でした~!