Daily Archives: March 17, 2022

オオアオサギの観察 Observation Of Great Blue Heron

ビデオ1:サンタクララ川の向こう側、オオアオサギの群生地です。99%の場合、こんな風景です。Video 1: By the Santa Clara river, we can see Great Blue Herons. And it looks something like this 99% of the time.

ビデオ2:そして辛抱強く待った甲斐ありで、突然興奮状態が始まります。Video 2: But then, excitement suddenly starts after patiently waiting.

ビデオ3:もしもラッキーなら、0.01%の確率でこんなシーンが見られます。春ですから。(音量にご注意下さい。) Video 3: If you are extremely lucky, you could see something like this, perhaps 0.01% of the time. It’s because it’s Spring now. (Please control the volume of the sound. It may be too loud.)