Daily Archives: January 5, 2021

コロラド国定公園 – Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument is right outside of Grand Junction. The highlight of the park is Monument Valley.

The park became well known especially after being selected as a stage of one of the major bicycle races in the world. Indeed, the slope of Rim Rock Drive is so steep that only world class cyclers can survive through it.

In general, any park in winter with snow is so pretty. On the other hand, most often you can’t hike much due to trail closures. Unfortunately we couldn’t hike in this park either. So we hoped to see Bighorn Sheep even more. My friend said, “I guarantee that you will see Bighorn Sheep today.”

Who could “guarantee” such thing? Around sunset, I was so close to giving up, but then we found them!



子供達。And children.

零下の気温の中、次の春までガンバレ!Even under below freezing temperatures, you guys are so tough. Live well until the next Spring!