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お地蔵さん Jizo statues

たくさんのお地蔵さんの集会のようで、面白い。 笠地蔵のおとぎ話を思い出しました。 They looked like many Jizo statues (see Note 1) at a convention. The scene reminded me of a folktale in Japan, Kasajizo. (see Note 2)

ザイオン国立公園にて。Taken at Zion National Park.
ウチワサボテン。ザイオン国立公園にて撮影。Prickly pear cactus, Taken at Zion National Park.

Note 1: You can see Jizo statues along country roads throughout Japan. They are guardian deities of children in Japan. They also protect travelers. Long ago, when we didn’t have transportation like cars and trains, people couldn’t visit temples. Therefore, Jizo statues were made nearby their homes. You often see them wearing red hats and bibs. It used to be believed that they would ward off evil. For more information, see this web site.

Note 2: The moral of the folktale is that pure kindness and generosity without expecting any reward will be rewarded. Kasa is translated as “Straw hat”. Here is an English version of the story at YouTube.