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虫を食べるハチドリ Hummingbird Eats Bugs

40-44℃の猛暑です。 It’s been so hot! The high temperatures have been between 105-110°F .

それでも早朝の1-2時間は25℃ぐらいになるので、トレッドミルを卒業し、外を走る方がいいかと思っています。 For one to two hours in the early morning, however, it is still 78°F. So I could graduate from using the treadmill and go outside for my 10k training in the early morning.

動物たちも早朝の涼しい時に活動しています。こちらはハチドリの写真です。いいショットとは言えませんが、ウワッと驚いたので紹介します。 Wild animals are also active in the early morning. These are pictures of a hummingbird in the early morning. They aren’t good quality shots but I was so shocked to see them after I processed them.

ハチドリと虫。 A hummingbird and a bug.

ハチドリが口を大きく開けてます。 The hummingbird opened its mouth big.

ハチドリの口がさらに大きく開きました。花のネクターを吸い取る動作じゃない。 The mouth is now opened much wider. It is not the behavior for them when they suck nectar out from flowers.

パクリ! Got it!

えっ?よくわからない?じゃ、アップで。 What? You don’t see it, dear reader? Here is the close up.

虫の羽が嘴の先に見えてます。ハチドリは虫も食べる! The wings of the bug are sticking out from the tip of the beak. Hummingbirds eat bugs as well!