Daily Archives: August 14, 2022

花と朝焼け Flower And Morning Glow

夜明け前の力強い光の変化が好き。 I love watching the sky right before sunrise. The color changes every second.

朝焼けとテキサスセージが競い合っていた。 The morning glow and the Texas sage plant competed with each other.

“どっちが綺麗? Which is prettier?”

”一人ずつだと1と1だけど、今日は二人一緒になってともっと素晴らしくなってるよ。どっちが綺麗じゃなくて、1+1が3になった朝。 It’s not that either one is prettier. Each of you are 1, but together, you made something more this morning. In this case, 1+1 became 3!”