Daily Archives: March 9, 2021

離愁 – One Last Look

立ち去る前のグランドキャニオン国立公園。A sunset view at Grand Canyon NP right before we left.

夕暮れはとても寒いのに立ち去り難い人々でいっぱいでした。バンちゃんもその一人。日が暮れた後もあと少し、あと一枚とカメラのビューファインダーから夕暮れの中に消えていく景色を撮り続けていました。It was already so cold around sunset at the canyon view point, but it was impossible for many people to leave. And Banchan was one of them. Even after sunset, he kept looking at the canyon that was losing its form in the darkness, second by second, through the camera’s viewfinder. He wanted to have one last look and one last shot before we left. After each last shot, it was just one more.