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渓谷を撮る – Canyon View

キャノンの EOS R5 をテストする為もあり、カナラビルという町からスタートするスプリングクリーク渓谷沿の山道を歩いてみました。
We went to Spring Creek Canyon Trail in Kanarraville. This was my first test of the EOS R5 camera and RF24-70mm lens.

往復 9km 弱という距離ですが、渓谷に入ると石の上を登ったり、小川を渡ったりするので、予想外に時間がかかります。でも、その分、素晴らしい景色が待っていてくれました。
It’s only 5.5 miles round trip but it took much longer because we needed to cross creeks and maneuver up and down rocks. But it was surely worth it because we could see the magnificent view at the end.

The trail was already well into peak Fall. The golden color on trees makes me so restless like Spring time.

空の雲たちも嬉しそう。Even clouds in the sky looked happy.

The Canyon must be near. We could see the orange grow like a lamp in the distant canyon.

期待にソワソワ。The orange glow makes me restless again with high expectation.

やっぱり息を飲む美しさ! Wow, it’s indeed a breathless view!

The canyon was dark and narrow. When I looked up, I found a little tree on a small shoulder of the wall trying to get every little bit of light to grow up.

All shots from the day looked so good that I had a hard time choosing the best. These are the 9 finalists.

The canyon view was far beyond my expectation, and I was happier than ever. The clouds in the fall blue sky were also dancing with joy .

また、EOS R5とRFレンズは、カメラ調整をすっかり忘れてしまうほど、シャカシャカと撮れて満足です。
By the way, the camera and lens were fabulous. I totally forgot to adjust the camera settings yet they gave me great results.