Daily Archives: September 21, 2020

ワイルドな訪問者 – Wild Visitor

A rustling sound came from a corner in our bedroom this morning. I was shocked to see a Spiny lizard there inside the window not so far away from me. I am sure he was also scared, because he was frantically scratching the window hoping to get out from there.

I screamed and run out of the room, closed the door, and sent a text to Banchan asking him to take care of it. And I left the house for my morning exercise class.

I wonder when the lizard came in. I want to keep all insects and lizards outside of the house!

The spiny lizard was captured safely.

I love to see wildlife outside around our house. We haven’t had many wild visitors this year, compared to last year. So I thought we would be safe inside the house, but I was wrong. Below is a nice portrait picture I took before he ran away at the speed of light.