Hawaii trip 3: what do you want to do first?

Of course, go to Sponge Bob… oh, sorry, it’s Snorkel Bob!

Rent out snorkel gears for a week, make all activities planned through them, and set to go.
At the end, we’ve got two turtle tote bags as gifts. They were quite useful during the vacation.  We simply throw in there whatever we need to carry around.  Like! … checked.
So, this is what we decided to do then:

  • Night snowkeling with Manta Ray
  • Palasailing
  • zipline
  • Going up Mauna Kea
  • Going to see crater at Kilauea
  • Surf lesson
  • Luau (but cancelled later due to a storm)
  • and of course, snorkeling

wow, come to think of it, we were busy then… no wonder we didn’t have much time to eat…

ロイヤルリゾートコナの近くにある掘っ立て小屋風の建物、それがSnorkel Bob だ。
・・・で、1-2 時間後、私達はスノーケルギアとバッチリまとまったスケジュール、そしておまけプレゼントのカメの絵がついたトートバッグを2つ持って掘っ立て小屋から出てきた。
イイネ! スポンジボブ。

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