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House projects – Light

My condominium is so tiny yet still there are many things to fix and maintain. A ceiling light above a dining table has been acting strange. The fan worked but the light had its own will and only occasionally lit the room. I tried to fix it but it didn’t work. So this is the result, a gigantic dandelion floating in the air… It even lifts my heart and makes me smile and smile. I love it!!!

Morning view 今朝のショット:20130909-IMG_1049

Night view 昨夜のショット:

and old fan light 古い扇風機型ランプ:
It’s from IKEA. A quote from nearby light shop was over $4,000 for their light and construction. This light from IKEA was less than $100 with zero construction fee. My sweet boyfriend, Banchan, replaced it for me by risking his life.

I still have the living room mirror replacing, window replacing, and bathroom fixing projects to take care of…  😦

By the way, Banchan commented on this… “I can’t wait to see how you dust it… :)”