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暗かったシャワー室 The Shower Room Was Dark

改装の理由1、電気をつけても暗かったし、外の景色が見えなかった。それに尽きます。 One of two reasons for us to do the bathroom remodeling was that the shower room was so dark. We couldn’t see any outside view either.

しかも物を置く棚が一つだけ。It had only one shelf in it as well.

改装後、視界が開けて電気をつけなくても明るくなった。After the remodeling, it became so bright even without turning on the lights. The view is fantastic.

棚も3つに増えた。満足! We have three shelves now. I am so satisfied with it.

浴室の改装 Bathroom Remodel

前 : Before

去年7月のある朝、浮かんだアイディアをiPadに描いてみた。I drew an idea on my iPad one morning in July.

6ヶ月後。Six months later.

去年7月にアイディアが浮かんできました。理由は「暗い」「使いにくい」の2点でした。まだ、窓、バスルームのドア、ベースボードなどの作業が残っていますが、待ちきれず使い始めています。何しろ作業を開始してからすでに6ヶ月も経ってますから。 I had the idea for this project in July last year. The main issues with the old bathroom were “not convenient” and “dark”. We still need to work on the window, the door to the bathroom, and baseboards, but we have started using it already. That is because it has already been 6 months since we started the project!!!

自然を部屋の中に取り込む事と、砂漠地帯の中で少し砂浜にいるような作れたら良いなと思いました。I wanted to bring the nature outside the window in to the room, and additionally create the feeling of being at a beach in the desert living.