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Highlights from Japan trip – people

Oh, no… it’s almost a month ago, but here it goes. It’s about people in Japan today. I love them all. (of course, I love people around me here, too.)


About 30 people gathered for my dad’s 88 years old birthday party.  They are all my relatives.  I could only greet them because we simply didn’t have much time, but it was indeed nice to see them there and sharing the moment together.    I must say my dad is one of the happiest people in the world having all of us there for him.
It was not so long ago last time I met them, yet I found new lines of wrinkles here and there on their faces.  It’s funny that I don’t want to see wrinkles on my face, but I found them beautiful on their faces. Indeed, they are their history of lives.

Can you see a smiling old woman on the left in the picture below?
She is a proud mother of the shop owner, a soba noodle restaurant we went to. Her son makes soba noodle in the room behind everyday. I could see how much she cares about the restaurant, and loves what she does.  The food was wonderful, and she served us so well, but I must say she gave us more than that, something very warm, a true hospitality.

An old man is delivering an order to his customer with a bicycle by carrying a tray on his shoulder. It’s a sight I often saw when I was young, but I don’t see it so often any more. It reminded me of a happy old days…
Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures so much about lovable people in Japan. So it will be my next assignment. It’s far from colorful and fancy, but they are something I want to treasure. I could hear from their wrinkles; they said it’s all right, we are doing all right.