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グランドキャニオン ノースリム – Grand Canyon NP North Rim

久しぶりの遠出で気分は高まります。とはいえ、ノースリムは家からほんの3時間。お弁当を持って日帰りのドライブでした。  – I went to Grand Canyon National Park while I was waiting for my hands to recover.  It took only three hours from home to get to the north rim, but it was exciting for me because it was my first time.

南側より高度が300 – 400 m 以上高いことや、コロラド川までのアプローチが長いことなどから、趣が少々違うようです。オリンピック国立公園に少し似ているような気がしました。道端の花や緑が綺麗でした。  – The north rim is more than 1000 feet higher than the south rim, and the approach distance to get to Colorado river is much longer than from the south rim.  I was informed that the impression is quite different.  My impression was similar to Olympic National Park because the flowers and greenery are similar on the way to get to the north rim.

ここで出会ったおばあちゃん。アラバマからご主人と一緒に初めて来てからもう17年。ご主人は亡くなってしまったけれど、犬と一緒に17回目の訪問だと教えてくれました。ここからの眺めが一番好きと言って写真を撮っていました。  – This is an old lady who I met there.  She came here with her husband 17 years ago.  Although he had passed away, she’s been here 17 times with her dog.  She told me that she likes the view from here the most.

コロラド川は、600 万年以上前からコロラド高原を深く削り続けてきたと言われています。その結果、何十億年も前からの地層が現れてきたんですね。北側からは遠くて肉眼ではほとんど見えません。でも、ほんの少し緑色の部分があるのがわかりますか?  – It’s been said that the Colorado river has been running through the Colorado Plateau since 6 million years ago carving the deep canyon.  Because of that, several billion years of strata has been revealed.  The river is too far from the north rim, so you almost can’t see it with naked eyes.  Can you see a tiny bit of green color in the picture?

400mm のレンズを使うとこんな風に見えて来ます。  – With 400mm lens, you can see the river like this.

畏敬の念、何十億年もの時を越える時。こうして地層を見るといつも思います。ちっぽけな自分。くよくよしないで自由に生きよう!  – I am filled with awe, looking down through the layers of sedimentary rock bringing my imagination all the way back to several billion years ago.  It also makes me aware that I am so insignificant over the history of the earth. It tells me to just live and be the way I am without worrying about little things.