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カメラの話しHistogram & Live View

I want to talk about Histogram and Live View today.  You may know this already by reading the camera manual, but I am one of those who don’t care reading them.   I’ve learned them from Eric Gould’s workshop, and want to share with you because I found them so useful.


Live View option – I love it now although I rarely used it till now.

Why?  It’s because we can use it for occasional focus tuning especially when you see things far away.  By default, Auto Focus is best and no doubt about it.  But when you can not focus quite right for small objects, Live View is useful.


20090101-CAM00050-Edit By clicking Magnifying button two times (each click makes the image 10 times larger), the image become 100 times larger. At this point, it really doesn’t matter whether you use AutoFocus or Manual Focus because the image is so large.



shot with Auto Focus


shoto with manual focus via Live view.

Can you see the difference between these two shots?
20130703-CAM00033Histogram … You can learn about the general concept of it from someone’s page like this. It’s very useful.  What I’ve learned this time was this, together with Highlight alert option, you can control the images pretty good.


Red circled area in the histogram is over exposed pixels. Red circled area in the image is corresponding area, and Highlight alert flashes the area.

You will see two extremely high curve on both sides of Histogram when you take pictures especially at night or mid day with full sun light.
Of course, you want to avoid touching on both sides as much as you can, but it’s either not possible or very difficult at night.

This image includes very dark areas. The histogram tells me that I still have enough space on the right side. So you want to push the tall bar to the right as much as you can to save the definition of the dark area.

You can change Exposure/shutter speed, ISO, or Aperture for that purposes, to make a better image. High ISO will give you high noise. Wide Aperture gives you shallow depth. And long Exposure will loose the image stabilization. Well, it’s a must item for night photography, a tripod. With it, you can have a longer exposure and push the left side pixels to the right.



The histogram of the above shot indicates that it contains some over exposed areas.  Indeed, it does show it for the headlights from cars passing through the bridge.  After all, the exposure is 30 seconds.  So, it’s up to me whether it is OK to be that way or not.  The Highlight alert is handy for the case like this and help me for the final judgement.  If it’s not important in the picture, I’ll accept it and keep the overall exposure.  It’s difficult to see it through a tiny camera screen.  But with Highlight alert, it’s easier to see.

Histogram and Live View… I never pay attention to them, but they have much larger roles than I could imagine before.