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Hawaii trip 6: how deep do I want to see?

Thanks to my friend K for the suggestion of snorkeling with Manta Ray.  It was indeed, one of the kind, became an unforgettable experience.
Meet at a dock around 6 pm, we set out to south from Kona.
The sun is setting, we are almost ready for the night snorkeling.
Wearing a wet suite, putting snorkeling gears, holding the under water camera, and here I go down into a dark rough water.
It sounds so brave but it’s not that bad. It’s because there are floating things to hold on to. All I need is to keep my legs and feet up to the surface level. And wait for Manta Ray to come for their dinner.   What they want to eat?  Of course, it’s not us, but a lot of plankton. To attract plankton, they beamed lights into the water, then Manta ray came for it.
This is my best shot.
It’s huge, about 12 feet. It came suddenly and the mouth was a huge hollow open space, I was afraid of it coming at me.
This is the result of his summersalt, upside down.
You can see the gills more on this picture.  They swam so close to me that my camera couldn’t focus well.  Or, at least, I thought they were so close to me.  I simply couldn’t figure out the depth of it.

On the way back to the dock, I’ve got so sick. I vomited into a cup but it wasn’t enough. So I dumped my puke out to the side of the boat several times. I was worrying about that my puke did splashed people behind me…  On the other hand, almost all of the passengers did like me one way or the other. So I decided not to say anything about it. Besides, I was so sick and didn’t have a strength to do anything.
To end this post, let me include a shot done by the cruise company from the night.