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Hike 1: Devil’s Fire Rock Art Loop

2022年1月2日、新年初のハイキング。約 13 km、333 m の標高差。January 2nd, the first hike in the new year, 2022. About 8 miles, 1100 feet of vertical elevation change.

早朝、雨上がりで凍りついた砂丘。キラキラと光っていた。A small sand-dune was frosted and shining in the early morning right after a rain.

ペリカンみたい。Looks like a pelican.

絶壁に描かれた物から洞窟近辺に描かれた壁画。There were numerous petroglyphs on high cliffs and walls.

リトルフィンランドの奇岩と流線形 Strangely shaped rocks together with streamlines were everywhere at Little Finland.

アリゾナ州のリトルフィンランドへ向かうルートの一つです。This hike was one of trails to get to Little Finland in Arizona.

サンゴ色 Color Of Coral

突然見えてきたサンゴ色。The orange or pinkish color appeared under the dark clouded sky suddenly.

車を道端に停め、カメラを掴み歩き始めた。We parked our car on the side of the road, grabbed our cameras, and started walking.

バンちゃんより先に歩き始めた私は「ゆっくり歩いて行くね。」と言ったのに、気持ちの高まりに早足を抑えられない。I said to Banchan, “I’ll walk slow” because I started walking before he was even out of the car. But my feet moved faster and faster as, in my excitement, they had minds of their own.

砂丘を歩くバンちゃん。Banchan walking on the sand dunes.

サンゴ色って、どんな色? How does the color of coral look?

ドンドン、どんどん砂丘を一人で登って行く。I walked up the dune higher and higher alone.

もう沈みかけてる太陽の光が雲間から少しだけ出てきた。It wasn’t much, but the sunset light came out through the thick clouds.

砂丘大好き。I love sand dunes!

コーラルピンク砂丘州立公園には一度訪れた事があります。でも、その時はがっかりしてしまいました。なぜなら ATV (全地形対応車) のタイヤの跡がほとんど全ての砂丘を覆うようについていたからです。ATV 遊戯場と化した公園にガッカリして、ろくに写真も撮らずに帰ってきました。We have visited Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park before. But we were so disappointed because ATV (All Terran Vehicle) tire marks were everywhere. It was an amusement park for ATVs, so we left there without taking pictures.

黒い部分にまだ残っていたATVのタイヤの跡が見える。The tire marks are still visible on the black shaded section of the dune.

だから、2度と来る事はないと思ってました。ところが一昨日の豪雨で、風雨がタイヤマークを綺麗に消してくれたんです。豪雨は思っても見なかった素敵な公園を私たちにプレゼントしてくれました。So I thought we would never visit here again, but I was wrong. The thunderstorm erased all the tire marks, and gave us a surprise present of the gorgeous park.

ところで、豪雨の被害は半端ではなく、ザイオン国立公園は今でも復旧作業が続いているようです。St George New のビデオを見ると、結構怖いです。私たちもそんな中にいたわけで、無事に帰ってこられてよかった。By the way, the damage from the thunderstorm two days ago was huge. According to the St George news, the recovery work from it is still going on. Thinking that we were also in the middle of that storm, I am thankful that we could come back home safely. Watch the video on the St George News site.

砂丘の不思議 - Wonder Of Dunes

砂丘、大好きです。 I love sand dunes.

Landscapes with simple lines are my favorite abstract pictures.

砂丘に登る人とジェット機。 – A jet plane and a man climbing a sand dune.

Great Sand Dunes National Park was the highlight of our trip.

It has the tallest dunes in North America, surrounded by high mountains, and a river that flows right next to it. No wonder it is the only sand dune (just found out that White Sands NM became NP on December 20, 2020, so it’s no longer “the only dune) National Park in America.


But the most interesting thing of the park to me is the recycling process of sand. Grains of sand fall into the river flowing next to the dune. The river carries the sand away from there, and deposit it at a new location. As the sand deposits, the river gradually disappears under the sand. So the river never has a solid river line. In the meantime, very strong winds blow and carry the sand. The Sangre de Cristo mountain range is so high that winds die down right before it, and drop the sands back onto the dunes.

川に雪崩れ込む砂。Sand falling in to the river.

This dune has a rather darker color compared to my favorite Eureka Sand Dunes in Death Valley NP. I felt this dune field is masculine, whereas Eureka is much more feminine because of the color. After reading about the park, I found out that the reason for the darker color was that crystalized magnetite sands are included.

そういえば、ニューメキシコ州にあるホワイトサンズ国立公園 (去年2020年12月に国定公園から国立公園になったばかり)の砂丘は名前の通り、白いです。妖精のような砂丘は石膏の結晶でできているからなんですね。
Oh, this reminded me of White Sands National Park (became a NP from NM in December 2020) in New Mexico. My impression of White Sands was that it was like a fairy. In any case, the reason of the white sands there is the sand is made from Gypsum.

砂サーフィンを楽しむ若者たち。- Young people enjoying sand surfing on the dunes..

I couldn’t spot any animals in the park unfortunately, but found foot prints on the sand. I wonder whose footprints they are.