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冬の早朝 – Early Morning in Winter

いつもはグズグズとベッドからなかなか出ない私。でも、今日は早起きをしました。 – I woke up early today unlike normal days staying in bed for a while.

今朝はいつになく朝焼けの空。- We had a morning glow in red which is also unusual.

早起きは三文の徳だ! – The early bird gets the worm!

キミ、コヨーテ君?!!! – It’s you, Coyote!

クラブハウスに向かう道、うちの二軒隣りのドライブウェイにいた!- It was there on the driveway a couple houses away from our house on the way to get to our clubhouse.

道のど真ん中だったけど、携帯を取り出してパチリ。モグモクと何かを食べていたからか、つかの間、じっとしていてくれました。- I was in the middle of the road, but brought out my cell phone.  It stayed calm, without moving, until I took this shot. Maybe because it was eating something there.