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雪の帽子 – Snow Hats

雪が降った翌日、雪の帽子をたくさん見つけました。I have seen many snow hats the day after we had snow.

私たちの家の屋根に。塀の上にも長い帽子。Our house had a large hat, and the fence had a long hat.

カクタスの上に被せた朝布の上にも。フカフカのお布団になった。I covered our cactus plants with linen blankets. The blankets became fluffy blankets.

綺麗な模様を浮き上がらせた帽子。The patio seating set also wear hats and they revealed a beautiful design.

近所の馬たちも白いコートを着て、白馬になった。Neighborhood horses became white horses with white coats.

雪の帽子にエアマフをつけて、兵隊さんたちみたいだね。With snow hats and earmuffs, they look like Christmas soldiers.

ベンチの上にフカフカのお座布団。気持ちよさそう。The benches have cozy cushions. it must be comfy.

ゴミ箱も雪の帽子を被ればハンサムになる。Even trash cans became quite handsome with snow hats.

お砂糖をまぶしたペロペロキャンディーみたいな停止サイン。The “Stop” sign became a lollipop with white sugary powder.

ベレー帽みたいだね。The light fixture wears a beret.

長い帽子がたくさん並んで日本のお寺の屋根みたいになった。With long white hats lined up, it looks like a temple roof design in Japan.

雪の帽子を深く被りすぎてしまった「歩行者注意」のサイン。だからバンちゃんが歩いてくれています。The “Pedestrian walking” sign wears the snow cap a little too deep. So Banchan walked there to help the sign.

テディーベアチョイアも。The Teddybear Cholla also wears cute caps.

レッドユッカの種たちも白い帽子をつけてゴキゲン。The Red Yucca’s seed pods are also happy with their white hats.

ちょっと溶けて来ちゃったかな。でも、まだ可愛ね。It melted already but Mr. seedpod, you are still cute.

中庭のカクタスたちは白いネックレスをつけていました。The cactus in the courtyard was wearing a pretty necklace instead.