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アイアンマン終了 Ironman Ended

アイアンマン ワールドチャンピオンシップが終了して、私の中に残った印象は選手もボランティアも一緒に頑張って終了させたということです。 My impression of the Ironman World Championship was that it was completed successfully because of both the athletes and the volunteers.

右端の白いドレスが女性優勝者のダニエラ。 The women’s champion, Daniela , on the very right in a white dress.
右端の紺色のシャツが優勝者のクリスチアン。The men’s champion, Kristian Blummenfelt, on the very right in a dark shirt.

コロナの影響で、去年、2021年の大会はキャンセルされました。そのため、特別に去年のリカバリーとしてセイントジョージで開催されたそうです。 I didn’t really know the whole story of why this event was moved to St. George until yesterday. It was held here in St. George as a replacement for last year’s 2021 race in Hawaii which was canceled due to the covid-19 shutdown.

そうか、だからですね。私たちボランティアのシャツにも、飾り付けにもハワイのデザインでした。 I was wondering about it, but now it makes sense. Our volunteer shirt design and the building decorations were Hawaian.

何はともあれ、みんな、おめでとう!!! In any case, Congratulations everyone!!!

感動のアイアンマン Awesome Ironman

アイアンマンワールドチャンピオンシップが終了。(もしかして、まだ走っている選手がいるかもしれませんが。)今年は初めてハワイからこのセイントジョージにやってきました。The Ironman World Championship ended, though some athletes may be still running. The event came to St. George from Hawaii for the first time this year.

前日のキャンプ村 Yesterday’s Ironman Village

去年は、ゴール地点でもろに選手の達成感の感動の嵐を受けとりました。今年は家の近くのエイドステーションです。I volunteered last year for the half Ironman race at the goal line. It was such a memorable moment. This time, I helped at the aid station near our house.

多分、先頭選手。The first athlete (maybe)

たかが水を渡す作業でも難しいです。以下のビデオをご覧ください。一度取り損なって、2回目で成功でした。The job was to hand off a water bottle to an athlete. Easy, right? Well, actually, not so easy. See the video below. He dropped the first bottle and got the second bottle successfully.

明日は優勝祝賀会のお手伝いをします。 I will be volunteering at the celebration banquet tomorrow night.

マウンテンブルーバード Mountain Blue Bird

オスのマウンテンブルーバードです。清々しい青さで、感動してしまいます。メスは残念ながら灰色です。北米の西側に生息します。 This is a male Mountain Blue Bird. I am so moved by the refreshing blue color. The female Mountain Blue Bird is unfortunately gray. They live in western part of North America.

ところで、明日はアイアンマンワールドチャンピオンシップの日です。By the way, the Ironman World-championship is tomorrow.

今年もボランティアで参加します。どんなドラマが見えるのでしょうか。楽しみです。I will volunteer starting in the morning again. I am so excited about it already, and looking forward to see the dramatic moments.

ハリー バルトイア - Harry Bertoia

彼のサインがエンボスされた絵葉書二枚。和紙にインクで描かれた絵とブロンズの箱。 – Two postcards with embosed signature. One is a picture with Ink on rice paper. The other is bronze cube.

ハリー ベルトイアは彫刻、版画、宝石デザイン、また、家具のデザインなどで有名な方です。先日、その財団法人のオフィス兼画廊を訪れました。
Harry Bertoia was an artist with many roles such as sculptor, print maker, jewelry designer, furniture designer, etc. I visited his gallery/foundation office the other day.

訪れた理由は、ハリーの作品の写真が載っている絵葉書を「Thank you」カードと共に封筒に入れるという仕事をする為です。上の写真はいただいて来た2枚のカードです。法人の設立者であり、ハリーのお嬢様であるセリアさんの説明によると、寄付していただいた方々に毎月1枚づつ、12ヶ月かけて感謝の気持ちを込めて贈るんだそうです。
The reason for the visit was to do volunteer work there. The task was simple; inserting a card with a reproduction of one of Harry’s art pieces together with a thank you card into an envelope. The picture above is of two cards that I brought back home. Celia, who is the founder of the foundation, told me that she will send a different card every month for twelve months to donors and contributors.

Celia, her musician friend, and I exchanged our life experiences and thoughts while we did the task. It was one of the most memorable day that I want to treasure for a long time. Their world was so different from mine, and I was mesmerized with their words and ideas as if they were shining jewels.

As a curator, one of Celia’s important projects is to appraise an art work as being a true creation by Harry, because he didn’t imprint his signature on any pieces. Many years have passed since his death, and as the value of pieces go up, it’s even more important to identify the true works and compile the Catalogue raisonné.

I was so lucky to meet her as a volunteer. I offered a few hours of my time for her foundation, and I received something many times more valuable than what I put in.

焼け跡で - Fire Ravaged Area

We had many wild fires this year, including some in Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. This post is specific to one of them. Although we protect Desert Tortoises there, many of them couldn’t survive through the fire. Even for the survivors, the plants they feed on were burned as well.

Last Spring was my first experience seeing wild Desert Tortoises. Therefore, my heart is still attached to them, and the unfortunate news gave me pain. So I participated in a volunteer project last Wednesday.

The work was simple. It involved planting small native plants and protecting them until they grow larger by adding wire cages around them. The cages are to protect them from being eaten by wild animals.

Plant plants to feed animals, but don’t let them eat? That sounds like a contradiction! It turns out we need to be patient until the plants grow larger after about six months to two years. The plants die if the Desert Tortoises eat them when they are young, but when large enough the plants can easily survive being nibbled on. We will carefully monitor them and remove the cages gradually.

Red Cliffs NCA is right next to the Pine Valley mountains, and a fire started at Pine Valley the day before Wednesday. As we worked, we could see the smoke coming up from there.

By the way, this is a heart-warming story. I was wearing a pair of sunglasses at the beginning of the work, but took them off and put them in my pants. When I was ready to go home, I realized that I don’t have them in the pocket or my backpack. So I asked the students, volunteers, and the professor who organized the activity if they have seen them. They started searching for them without any hesitation. It’s quite a vast area. I was actually ready to give up. But they said, “Don’t worry, we can find them.” and sure enough, they found them 20 minutes later. Wow! I said good-bye saying “You all are my heroes!!!”

That unexpected kindness made me even happier that day.