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今日のご褒美 – Today’s Treat

裏庭の塀のすぐ外にスーッと飛来した後、隣家の屋根に舞い降りました。A Red-tailed Hawk swooped down right outside our backyard wall, then flew up again to perch on the roof of the neighbor’s house.

スクリーンドア越し、飛び立つ前の一瞬に撮れた貴重な一枚。This is a precious shot that I took through a screen door a few seconds before the hawk flew away.

バンちゃん曰く「ウサギのキーっていう呻き声と鷹のピューっていう鳴き声とガサガサで結構な騒動だったみたい。」私がカメラを取りに行っている間、塀越しに聞こえたウサギとアカオノスリの格闘劇を話してくれました。Banchan, who was outside while I ran to get my camera said, “It was quite noisy with squeals from the rabbit and shrieks by the hawk even though it was outside the fence.” What a drama created by the lucky Red-tailed Hawk and the poor rabbit.

今日のアカオノスリのご褒美。でも、私たちにとっても意外なご褒美でした。It was today’s treat. For the hawk that is, but of course, for us as well.