5K: 温度 Temperature

昨日の朝、近所を走ってみた。結果は38分16秒。自己ベストタイム! I ran around our neighborhood yesterday. The result was surprising: My best time! It was 38 minutes 16 seconds.

先週の金曜日に同じルートを走ったときの結果。42分近い。 I ran the same route last Friday, but it took nearly 42 minutes.

この差は断然、気温です。午前中の17度の気持ちいい時と、午後の一番暑かった29度の時との違いは歴然です。 What caused the difference? It is so clear that the temperature difference impacted my stamina. Yesterday was a comfortable 64F in the morning, but last Friday was a hot 84F in the afternoon.

レースの日まで、あと1ヶ月。やはり早起きして走ろう。It’s exactly one more month to go until the race day. I should start running early in the day.

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