Lassen Volcanic National Park

I don’t need a desktop machine as long as I don’t edit pictures with Lightroom. And I do for post processing 25GB each Row file. Unfortunately, one of my computer hard drive gave up its life two weeks+ ago. ::… cry, cry, cry …:: Now with Banchan’s help, I have recovered the memory in it and replaced it with a new 2TB drive. I also bought another 2TB external HD hoping to make it as a network drive. I’ll write about it later, but for now, I am back online again. Here I am, I can now write about Lassen National Park we went to more than a week ago, over the Labor day weekend.
HD が壊れ使用不能となっていたデスクトップ修復作業も無事終了。新しい 2TB の内装用と外付け用と2つ購入し、バックアップもバッチリ。すでに2週間近く前のことになってしまうラッセン国立公園での写真も編集を無事終了。25 GB もある Row ファイルはなんとかしたいものですね。そうそう、Adobeは最近一ヶ月ごとの Photoshop 使用システムを開始しましたね。まだよく読んでいないんですが、ついに来たかなという感じ。Adobeのサーバにつないでそこで編集とかになったら、ますます身軽になるから多くの写真家はもしかしたらウェルカムかもしれませんねぇ。セキュリティの問題がありますけどね。

さて、ラッセン。火山の公園ということでそれなりに面白かったんですが、それほど火山に興味がない人にはつまらないかもしれません。湖がたくさんあり、ハイキングにはいいかも。私達はビュート湖にあるキャンプ場にテントを張り、近くのシンダーコーンという山に登りました。たいした高さではないのに、死にそうでした。なぜか。。。歳だからです。。。 ま、ま、そう簡単に片付けず、ちょっと説明させてもらいますと(言い訳)火山灰と石で足場は最悪。一歩進むたびにズズッと半歩下がるという繰り返し。柔らかい砂場を歩くような感覚でなんですよ。で、疲労困憊となった次第。

The Lassen National park was good although there weren’t super exciting attractions to me like other parks. I say the attraction of the park is hikeing, up to Larrsen peak or hike to places. We camped at Butte lake and hiked up to Cinder Cone peak. Unfortunately, we had a rain. So that’s pretty much the activities we made.
From mid way down from Cinder cone peak. Mt. Lassen is visible at upper right. Color palette created by volcanic activities is one of “Wow!” attraction. It was a surprisingly shocking view. モコモコと火山活動でできた突起とカラーパレットと言われる丘、対照的な黒い火山岩。遠く右にラッセンが見えます。

The peak of Cinder cone is like this. You can go down to the crater. I didn’t go down there because I was simply exhausted by then, and screaming, “No more uphill!!!” Because of the volcanic ash and rocks, it’s hard to make a step and elevate yourself up on the trail. You make a step and slide down a half of the step of it. 頂上はこんな感じで面白い。

We packed our tents even thought it was still raining. Here are the dry spots where we had tents.  Our camp neighbor, their camping car is visible on the right side of picture, said they’d come here annually for so many past years because it rained in this park.  When I heard it that they were also from SF bay area, I understood their comment. Rain in California during the summer… quite refreshing. 翌日は雨。そして雨で終わったキャンプでした。テントの後だけが乾いています。隣にキャンプしていた人たちいわく、彼らは雨が好きだから毎年ここに来るとか。同じく私達の住む雨の降らないベイエリアから来たと聞いて納得。夏の雨・・・新鮮です。

Because of the rain, the visibility wasn’t good, but it gave us a mysterious foggy feeling. Here is Lake Emerald.
20130902-IMG_1022I wanted to achieve a new project, FEDO, in the park, like a successful Yellow stone project, BMW (Buffalo, Moose, and Wolf.) FEDO stands for F as Peregrine Falcon, E as Bald Eagle, D as Bufflehead Duck, and O as Spotted Owl.

I knew it’s way too ambitious, but I hoped to see at least one of them like a bufflehead duck.

Well, it turned out to be none. I mean no birds, not even any ordinarily birds. No annimals except only Ground Squirrel.
Do you know the differences between a squirrel and a chipmunk?
You probably know the size differences. Chipmunk is about a half of squirrel or even smaller… that’s what I thought. And Chipmunk has black and white stripes… that’s what I also thought.  So, I thought this one was a Chipmunk… but…. Squirrel is normally brown or black and no stripes. On the other hand, ground squirrel has stripes. So this makes it  difficult to identify the differences between a ground squirrel and a chipmunk. And now I can identify it correctly. Chipmunks have stripes on their body as well as head/faces. On the other hand, ground squirrel’s stripes are only on their body but not on their head/faces. I didn’t know this till then!!! Did you know it?  This will conclude that it’s a ground squirrel in the picture!!!   See this page about the differences.

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