Hawaii trip 10: when… next?

A Tropical storm was approaching.  All kinds of warnings were reported.  It was two days before our flight back home.  We were discouraged not  go to Hiro because it would get a direct hit.  All of us started wondering and thinking;

    What a perfect timing!
    Our flight may be cancelled and we can stay here longer…!!!  
    Go storm, go…!

In any case, we went out for a drive going up north of Kona, Kohala.  It rained heavily, we couldn’t see a thing outside during the drive.  It’s strange, but everything become fun activitiy when you are on vacation.  Seeing nothing on the front shield, hearing a heavy rainfall, driving 5-10 mph through Kohala, I enjoyed it.  Of course, I didn’t drive. 😉

And this shot… I don’t know when I took this shot but it was when the heavy rain stopped. My LG  cell phone’s camera feature is not bad at all.
This is also a shot with my cell phone, LG.

On the final day at night, I decided capturing a night sky from our condo patio. 44 seconds of exposure with ISO 2000. This is the power of SLR. My LG phone can not capture this one.
ハワイ最後の夜。コンドのパティオから夜空の写真を撮ってみた。シャッター開放44秒、ISO 2000。さすがにこのショットは携帯カメラじゃ撮れない。
The tropical storm lost its power unfortunately, our 8 days vacation at Big Island was about to end. Sitting at the Kona airport, I was asking myself,
    “do I want to go back home?”
    “Dah! Of course, Noooo~”
I could stay there another week. If I did, I would probably sitting by a window at the condo and reading a book. I had started reading James Patterson’s book, The ninth judgement found on the bookshelf at the condo a day before we left there. I was still at about 20 pages into the story. I wish I could finish reading it … but run out of time.
Do I want to come back here again? Hawaii is a very special place. Yes, I do, but when?
I still want to go to so many different places where I’ve never been to. Let’s hold off to answer for the question until next year. My friend G told me,   “it like a well. Hawaii water is filled for now, but you need to go back again when it gets lower. It takes about a year to drys up the water.”
Let’s see how much I miss it in next summer.






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