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Hawaii trip 9: How fast does it go?

Zipline… I guess it depends on how you pose yourself.  Dah~  You can not make it stop, but you can accelerate the speed by hold yourself like a cannon ball.
I tried an upside down position. You see, Morzart could play a piano while he was upside down.  Why couldn’t I take pictures while I was upside down and ziplined down, right?  Well…. it wasn’t so hard to positioning myself to be upside down although it was a bit scary at the beginning, but focusing any object while zippity moving fast was almost impossible.



This is the highlight view and the line we liked most among seven ziplines. Most of zipline services are on Hilo side of island. If I had a chance to come again, I want to explore Hilo side tropical forests.

I enjoyed the thrill of the speed and heights, but I guess once is enough for me.  Do you say I am getting old by saying that?



During Zipline, I found this plant. It’s not Pineapple and not eatable. It’s called Pu hala plant.
途中でこんな植物を見つけた。パイナップルみたいだけど違う。Pu hala plant と言うらしい。食べられない。Hiro側の熱帯植物をチェックしたかったんだけど、蚊の襲撃にあったので、さっさと退散してきてしまった。だって10分ぐらいしか居なかったのに、1分間に1箇所の割合でしっかり噛まれてたんだから。
This is the whole view of Pu hala plant. Pu hala plant の全体ショット。