Hawaii trip 7: what could I have done with light?

We went to Hawaii volcano National Park to see Kilauea volcano.
You can see white smoke coming out from the crater during the day, but you can see a red reflection on the smoke at night.
It’s getting quite cold, but I tried several shots from different angles. The challenge was that the volcano reflection was too bright compare to the rest of darkness. I wish we could be there a little earlier when it’s not so dark yet. I could manage the light better then. Instead, we enjoyed the dinner at Volcano house too much.
In anycase, this is the best shot from the night including Milky-way.
We walked Kilauea iki trail during the day. I enjoyed it a lot walking down to the crater going through a tropical forest. I like all my flower/plants shots from there. Please visit my flickr site for them. Hawaii trip 2013
Here are a few from the site. Aren’t they lovely?
火口周辺にはハイキングコースがいくつかある。熱帯雨林の中のシダ類はきれいだった。どれもこれも満足のいくいい写真が撮れたと思っている。よかったらflickrの写真集を見てください。Hawaii trip 2013
Uluhe, Dicranopteris linearis コシダ
Japanese anemone アネモネ
more Japanese anemone アネモネ
and more Japanese anemone アネモネ
A family of Kalij Pheasant was there on the trail. ミヤマハッカンの家族。

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