Hawaii trip 5: how high do I want to go up?

How high do you want to go up?  800 or 1200?
Don’t know.  I never tried it before.
Why don’t you try 1200 feet.  It’s more fun.
OK, if you say so.

Based on Kenny at Snorkeling Bob’s recommendation, we went up 1200 feet.
800 と 1200 フィート (245 m と 366 m)の選択肢がある。どうせならということで1200フィートを選んだ。
Up on the air, it was so calm. I was surprised about it. It’s not scary at all. I felt I could meditate in the air. 一度上がってしまうと思いのほか真空状態的で瞑想の世界にいるよう。怖いことは何もない。
Looking at Mauna Kea while up in the air.空からマウナケアを眺める。
Thanking about birds how they feel when they fly.



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