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Hawaii trip 2: what do you want to eat?

Because we’d stayed at a condo, cooked about a half of meals during the stay. This is another big saving.  But it’s more than that, a great way of spending time together with someone. Of course, it depends on the people you are with, how much they want to cooperate with you.

KTA Super store: I like this KTA at right outside of Kona Coast Resort, down south from Kona central area. It’s nice to prepare easy recipes ahead of time for a few meals.
We didn’t cook much but mainly for breakfast and lunch simple ordinary meals.

Dinner… we simply went to restaurants on Alii streat, they are all non local type restaurants.  I have one regret, we didn’t eat at Poke shack only a few minutes away by walking from our condo. We get many good feedback about it from variety of people. And worst of all, we actually went there but came out without getting anything… I hesitated because of the smell…

So… we didn’t eat any local Hawaiian food on this trip. Noooo~!!!

Shaved ice… with gummy bears… must…
Oh, that’s it. We made a reservation for Luau, but cancelled for zipline. Because of the tropical storm, we needed to change the schedule. We couldn’t have time left for Luau then… 😦
え、またまた~。うそでしょ。灯台元暮らしで、徒歩2分の所に Poke Shack という小さな売店風のテイクアウト風のレストランがあって、そこがまたすごく美味しくて有名だって、聞いていたジャン。わざわざお店まで行ったんじゃなかったっけ?にもかかわらず食べなかった人は誰?それってどういうことよ?

まあ、いっか。KTA Super store:で新しい食べ物にであったし。何かって?Muddy Buddy。食べ始めたら止まらなくなってしまったよ。